The Rector’s announcement for students and doctoral students on starting e-learning at Czestochowa University of Technology

We appeal for engaging in e-learning!

This announcement concerns educational activities in full-time and part-time study systems of the first and second degree, PhD studies, doctoral school and also courses and trainings organised by the University, postgraduate studies and other forms of education.

With reference to the recommendation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, from 19 March 2020 until further notice,  it is obligatory that all courses be  taught in the  form of e-learning, using the e-learning platform of Czestochowa University of Technology, in particular: lectures, project classes, tutorials, seminars and laboratory classes, which can be provided by means of the forms of electronic communication available at the University. The educational process is carried out according to  the weekly timetable.

The basic tool for providing e-learning at Czestochowa University of Technology is the
e-learning platform accessible on the University website at

Students are asked to log in to the e-learning platform of Czestochowa University of Technology and take measures in order to start e-learning the moment the courses assigned to a given field and year of studies are available. It is a necessary condition to receive credits for particular subjects ( taking into account instructional methods, e.g. a lecture, a tutorial,  a seminar, etc.) provided in the programme of study.

Contacting academic staff holding courses will be carried out by means of the e-learning platform or electronic mail. The e-mail addresses can be found on the websites of particular faculties of Czestochowa University of Technology.


Prof. Norbert Sczygiol, PhD, Eng.

Rector of Czestochowa University of Technology