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Czestochowa University of Technology
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Postal address:
Erasmus+ KA103 Programme
ul. Dabrowskiego 69, room. nr 1,
42-201 Czestochowa

tel: +48 34 3250 431

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e-mail: erasmus@adm.pcz.pl
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Library Facilities

The Main Library is the biggest scientific and technical library in the region. At the same time, it is the central unit of the library and information system of the University, consisting, apart from the main library, of three faculty libraries and 19 institute libraries. The basic tasks of the Library are: acquiring and processing of the library collection, supervising the Institute Libraries, running traditional and computer library catalogues, facilitation of the access to the collections in reading rooms, local and inter-library lending, documentation of the University scientific activities, using modern technology to assist providing various information services to readers, offering of educational activities to students, graduates and academics, implementation and development of automatic library system. The Library, being in existence since the establishment of the University and now operating on completely refurbished premises and with state-of the-art infra-structure, well serves the needs of all academic community, the city and region as well as all its other users who look for particular literature as well as for scientific and technical information. It has an extensive collection of nearly half a million volumes and computational units.

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